Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spring is Here

Well almost :S

I wish it was, I hate the cold, grey, rainy weather.

I hate wearing winter clothes too and staying indoors.

But it was vaguely sunny today, yay :D

Anyway, I was sorting through my wardrobe this morning, and I have realised I am seriously short on clothes! I only have two skirts, a couple of tops and dresses, some jeans and a cardigan oh and one pair of shorts.

What am I going to do next year? :o

So I must get rid of everything I hate (which is a lot of things) and go on a shopping spree :D

Unfortunately I have no money :(

Meh, I also have to go out in about half an hour to this singing festival/competition (which is why I'm not making this post very long) :S

I am not sure why I agreed to it, as it is yet another way to embarrass myself, but c'est la vie.

I'm sorry I am not posting very often, GCSEs are too much effort :(

Perhaps I'll write something more interesting tomorrow :)

Oh and I changed the web address, so if anyone has/had difficulty viewing my blog, that is why :S


Friday, 19 February 2010

Through the Looking Glass

Yesterday was a day of many good things...

It started like any other day of the holiday, very reluctantly at 10.30am.

But then I looked out of the window.

The sun was almost shining, and it was almost warm, hurray!

Frantically I continued my week long search and at last prevailed. I found the long lost tripod :D

It was sitting in a little blue box in a corner of the loft looking sorry for itself.

Now that my mission was complete, I could finally really start getting some action out of my camera.

But, quelle horreur! There was a dilemma. To my amazement, with all my inactiveness and the luring temptation of Facebook, I had lost more hours of the day than I thought.

At that is when we received the news that my brother had got a music scholarship to secondary school. Good news for me, because it could only mean one thing! PIZZA EXPRESS!

Yes, it appears to be a family tradition that, whenever there is anything remotely worth celebrating, we take an outing to the place where they create the gods of all pizzas :D.

But on this day it meant even more than that. Not only could I enjoy devouring a margherita pizza, but my boots would receive their first outing! Hurray again!

However, by the time my excitement had died down and the pizza had been digested and my parents had stopped going on about buying a new TV, there were only 15 minutes left of sunlight.

Having found the tripod (and the self timer on my camera) a felt I could not let the opportunity pass me by.

But, seeing as the lighting was all wrong by now, I decided I'd just try out some things, starting with mirrors.

Have you ever watched a film where the character looks directly into the mirror and wondered how come you can't see the camera?

Well, whilst I'd love to take pictures like that, I realised I was not that skilled. So instead I decided to just see what I could achieve using the mirror.

Here are the pityful results...(please excuse the crap composition, bluriness and unphotogenicness).

Next Mission: Learn how to edit photos.

I was hoping for more sun today, and it looks like for once I have been rather lucky :D

Yay, photo time ♥


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Blue People and Brown Boots

Yesterday I finally went to see Avatar.

It was well worth the wait, the graphics were incredible and the plot was pretty good too. It didn't even feel like the whole three hours that it was.

If only I could live on Pandora with all those crazy creatures, floating mountains and huge rainforests.

I'm not such a fan of the hair with tentacles though. For anyone who hasn't seen the film, each of the Na'vi (the tall blue people) have a long black plait at the back of their heads with little pink tentacles at the end which bond to those on their 'horses' and the large flying creatures that they ride.

They also worship a tree which has white jellyfish-like seeds that float around in the air :S

If, like me, you are a little slow and haven't seen this masterpiece, here is the trailer.

Makes me want to watch it again and again.

Even better still, we went to see the film in 3D. The actual 3D part wasn't so good because it just made the film look further away as if it was going back into the screen, but on the plus side they didn't ask for the glasses back!

They make everything shiny ♥

Tada! I've never been able to find them before when I go to the odeon, they always hide them away or steal them back after the film. My dragon models them a lot better than I do :)

Later, just make it an even better day, I bought my lovely boots. They may have been very expensive, but one will pay any price for the ones you love. I am very poor now :(

Still, admire their gorgeousness :D

Apparently shoes on the table is bad luck if you believe that sort of thing :S

C'est la vie, maybe boots don't count.


Monday, 15 February 2010

Once Upon a Time

Ok, it appears that, thanks to my lovely friend Vicki, I have a blog. Please bear with me and understand that I don't yet know what I am doing. We shall see how it goes...

So, first of all, I better say a little bit about myself:

  1. I have no pets; I love animals and want a cat or a dog. However so far I've had to make do with two slightly dull goldfishes (RIP Coral and Seaweed).
  2. I love Disney, the most amazing films ever made. I'm not talking about thoses new 'realistic' Pixar films with their new technology and stuff; I mean those classic fairytales drawn by hand, frame by frame.
  3. I am very fond of clothes too. Whilst I am no expert (visit or to find people who actually know what they are talking about), I am amazed by fashion and the way that people interpret it to create their own unique styles.
  4. I love acting, singing and musical theatre, both the watching and the taking part. The Lion King and Wicked are must-see musicals. I recently started ballet too (which is proving interesting), and I really want pointe shoes!
  5. Finally, for Christmas I received a beautiful Nikon D3000 camera. I admit it has been slightly neglected recently, but now that I vaguely understand it (though my photography skills are still quite appalling), I am hoping to get more use out of it, particularly as Spring approaches and I can go outside without freezing to death.

So there you go, that is me in a nutshell :)

There will be more soon.