Friday, 19 February 2010

Through the Looking Glass

Yesterday was a day of many good things...

It started like any other day of the holiday, very reluctantly at 10.30am.

But then I looked out of the window.

The sun was almost shining, and it was almost warm, hurray!

Frantically I continued my week long search and at last prevailed. I found the long lost tripod :D

It was sitting in a little blue box in a corner of the loft looking sorry for itself.

Now that my mission was complete, I could finally really start getting some action out of my camera.

But, quelle horreur! There was a dilemma. To my amazement, with all my inactiveness and the luring temptation of Facebook, I had lost more hours of the day than I thought.

At that is when we received the news that my brother had got a music scholarship to secondary school. Good news for me, because it could only mean one thing! PIZZA EXPRESS!

Yes, it appears to be a family tradition that, whenever there is anything remotely worth celebrating, we take an outing to the place where they create the gods of all pizzas :D.

But on this day it meant even more than that. Not only could I enjoy devouring a margherita pizza, but my boots would receive their first outing! Hurray again!

However, by the time my excitement had died down and the pizza had been digested and my parents had stopped going on about buying a new TV, there were only 15 minutes left of sunlight.

Having found the tripod (and the self timer on my camera) a felt I could not let the opportunity pass me by.

But, seeing as the lighting was all wrong by now, I decided I'd just try out some things, starting with mirrors.

Have you ever watched a film where the character looks directly into the mirror and wondered how come you can't see the camera?

Well, whilst I'd love to take pictures like that, I realised I was not that skilled. So instead I decided to just see what I could achieve using the mirror.

Here are the pityful results...(please excuse the crap composition, bluriness and unphotogenicness).

Next Mission: Learn how to edit photos.

I was hoping for more sun today, and it looks like for once I have been rather lucky :D

Yay, photo time ♥



  1. those photos are lovely. and how are you not photogenic?

  2. OMG . Laura. Your photogenic-ness has unveiled itself. Yay- no more fish faces :) lol, joking. No,seriously, you look very good in them.

  3. OMG YAY! You actually posted something without my nagging! Score!

    AND OMG. Seriously, why the fish photos when you look as pretty as this? I'm in love with the first and second photo you beautiful girl! You look like one of those protagonists from a scary movie.

  4. Oh and I also like your banner. Your trademark animal has gone from frog to butterfly! Oh no wait, it's always a fish now. XD

  5. through the lens - thank you :) but I am usually very unphotogenic

    foreverme22 - thanks :D, lol it was my new years resolution to become photogenic.

    vickileestyle - Yes, haha now you can't nag me.
    lol I couldn't work out how to put on a background so I changed the banner instead :D
    And merci xx

  6. laura! your photos dont need editing you look pretty (: maybe nearly naked in some? ahha, ive started blogging due to vickis persistence lol.
    love from habin xx

  7. merci :)
    Lol nearly naked? I do not think so :S
    haha vicki is annoying persistant, even though she doesn't post every day ¬¬

  8. bloody hell Laura, you look gorgeous!
    Omg if you dress like that for your drama, everyone will be wetting them selves! fave has to be second to last. Omg did you use self timer, that never ever works for me, so Im going to have to buy a remote. And the fabric is lovely too


  9. eve-rei: thankies :D
    hehe, I would look like a bit of wierd 30s girl if I wore that in my drama, I'm hoping i can bring in the mirror though :)

    Lol, i had to like run into the photo because the timer only does max ten seconds :S
    And merci, it is the fabric I bought for the alice in wonderland book day dress but never used. only £1.50 :D


  10. so the picture with the blue tulle/chiffon.